You know, one thing I’ll happily look back on is the time I spent with my grandma. I remember as a kid, we would watch this old movie on the vcr (anyone remember those?) about this little boy who took this dog sledding in a race. His grandpa was really sick, so he needed the money to pay for his treatment. Beautiful movie. The name was Stone Fox. So, around Christmas time, we would always watch that. My grandma always popped popcorn and ended up burning it a little. But I didn’t care. I still enjoy spending time with her. Now at 19, I make sure every week or so I go to see her. Or I at least text her to tell her I miss her.

I know lots of people say, when your young you don’t think about your family being gone. But I do. I realize my grandma is getting older, and sadly might not be here in the next five years. So, I’m going to make all the memories I can with her. She’s 84 and a firecracker. Mind you this woman is still driving and just traded in her (pretty new car) for this cute white one. She still is active in church, has a lot of friends, and goes out during the week! I tell my mom all the time, that woman has more of a social life than me.

It’s just the little things that I enjoy so much with her. We usually sit outside on her porch, if the weather’s nice and just chat about things. She asks how college is going, work, etc. And she tells me all about her friends at church, how she needs to clean her house, just whatever comes to mind.

I truly hope my grandma continues to be so healthy for her age, and lives past 100. Because, I can’t imagine the day I wake up and find she’s not here anymore. She’s really a huge part of my life. And I hope others make a better effort with their family as well. Even if you don’t always agree with them, please do cherish them. Because sadly nothing lasts forever. So do me a favor, if you’ve got grandparents or anything, give them a call! I know they’d love to hear from you.


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