Mermaid Hair and Tattoos

Around a year ago, I had originally decided to chop off most of my hair. There was no other choice. After years of straightening it, hair spray, and just in general not taking care of my hair, it was bad. It felt like straw. So, I had to cut off my beloved hair that I had grown out past my chest area. I love shorter hair, because it makes my hair very curly. The problem is when it starts going out. My hair becomes a frizz ball.

So, it’s best for me to just have long hair. This time around, I’ve taken better care of it. I’m always using hair masks, make sure not to wash it every day, and also limited hair products. My hair has never looked better. It’s just such a slow process to grow back out again! As of now, it’s only to my shoulders.

Besides my hair, I’m really wanting tattoos. I’ve been looking around and finally settled on having two sailor moon themed tattoos. For anyone who doesn’t know what that is, it’s one of the greatest shows to ever exist. It’s a 90’s cartoon, and something I’ve always cherished. It used to come on at five in the morning when I was younger and I would try to wake up as much as possible to watch it. The theme song was catching “fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, she is the one named sailor moon” One of the main lines it the song.

As I’ve gotten older, it’s still held a special place in my heart. I’ve re-watched a lot of the old show and found I still love it, if not more. Yes, it’s cheesy and not so great voice acting. But, as a kid I loved the fact she was a student and a super bad ass hero. In the show, the girl’s name is Usagi, who’s a cry baby, loves food, and sleeping basically. Not someone you would picture saving the world from evil, but it works. She manages to mature more throughout the show. It’s wonderful seeing her and all her friends go through all the trials they do and still manage to hold on. The kid’s been through a lot, she finds out she’s this moon princess and her destiny is to save her planet earth. Also, she’s destined to be with this major hunk Darien and they eventually have a child together. It gets intense for a kids show, but honestly it’s one of the best. And this is why I feel the need to have tattoos dedicated to this.

I plan on having a half moon with a cat somewhere on my side. I want the cat to be in black, but I want the moon to have little sparkly stars inside of it. The other tattoo I want is a locket from the show on my upper leg. Throughout the seasons, Usagi and her friends had different lockets they used to fight. They were always really pretty designed with either jewels or in heart shapes. Here’s a picture of the locket I’m interested in, I would love to have a tattoo similar to that.

I would love to go ahead and bite the bullet and get it, but I to save some more. With a car payment every month and having to buy all new summer clothes, I’ve been spending quite a lot of money. So I’m waiting a while until I can afford it. Anyone, who has tattoos though, what was your experience? Did it hurt as much as you expected? How many do you have?



15 thoughts on “Mermaid Hair and Tattoos

  1. I’m thinking about having a tatoo, probably a triskelion or some celtic symbol because of my druidic way 😀 I’ve been a metalhead since primary school and I had pretty long hair. Cutting them was very symbolic to me, I view it as a profound act of change I’ve made in my life. And I like the new me 🙂

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      1. I think it’s essential to have a personal story behind a tatoo. One can say that symbols are nothing more than a bunch of lines put together in some fashion if they bear no meaning with them 😉 Having a tatoo representing a very old symbol (like the triskelion) binds you to it’s message as well. That’s why some say the tatoos helped them to embrace themselves, to understand who they really are and so on. In general, tatoos are an interesting topic for a talk 😀

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      2. I agree! Especially since it’s permanent you need to make sure your going to cherish it forever. That’s why I can’t understand some who say their useless, it’s just another form of art. And anyone who has them should be very proud of it(: It’s beautiful.


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