So, I got a job interview for a bank teller position at a local bank. I was pretty nervous about it, but once I got in there it turned out great. It was just two people, one was the bank manager leader? Anyways, it was really casual and fun. I’ve honestly never had a interview like that. They were asking about my other job I currently have (at a shoe store) and they had me almost in tears at how funny they were. They were going back and forth talking about all the brands of shoes they loved.

It was honestly really nice, most interviews I’ve been on are direct and very simple. You get asked a few questions about your experience, education, etc and that’s it. These guys were down right comedians. For anyone who know’s about harry potter, one of them was asking me what the demon’s guy name was, since his son was a big harry potter fan. The “demon’s” name is Voldemort and he’s a wizard.

It made me feel really confident about myself, because they both said I would be good to work in sales and knew how to sell a product! They were really impressed with how much I knew about the shoe store I work at from only working there for a little over a month. So, that was cool. It made me realize I’ve come a long way! Before, in front of people I was a nervous wreck and had trouble being comfortable. But, on this interview, I was more calmer and laid back. It paid off too! They even told me they were happy this was a enjoyable interview, that they’ve interviewed some and their sitting their the whole time waiting for it to be over. LOL.

Even if I don’t get the job, the fact that they seemed to be impressed with what I had to offer was wonderful. πŸ™‚ It just motivates me to keep moving forward and work even harder on my people skills.


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