For anyone who read my last post, I applied for a bank teller position. I got the email today, saying I was not selected for the position. Which was pretty upsetting, but hey that’s life. One thing that I’m grateful for is I know first hand what rejection is like.

As a kid I was into some modeling and acting. After doing a show, I had the opportunity to have local agencies see if they would be interested in me. I had 3 interested, so I was hopeful at least one would consider me. After all that hard work I put in, I just had to get a chance. After going through the auditions, only one accepted me. And it hurt. I kept thinking it was because I wasn’t pretty enough like the rest were and felt like an idiot for even going through with the show in the first place. But, I learned after a while, it’s good to go through that. Because unfortunately in the real world you will hear that dreaded word “no” over and over. But don’t let it get you down, you still get up and try again.

Sometimes on a bad day, I look back at all the “no’s” I’ve gotten and it makes me feel horrible. I start second guessing my abilities and think what’s the point of trying anything? But there always is a point to. Because I promise one day it’s going to pay off. One day your going to make it happen. It might not happen overnight, it might take a lot longer than expected, but you’ll get there. Okay, you got rejected, ask yourself why? What can I do to improve myself to get a yes the next time?

Everyone who’s ever accomplished something had to start from the bottom. They had to question everything and wonder why they kept going. They had to listen to people tell them it would never happen. But they proved all of them wrong, they made it. And I encourage all of you to keep on pushing through, don’t ever let the word “no” stop you.


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